Career Change

Hi guys, 

Wednesday was a big day for me, the last day of my job before I venture on to my new career path. I had worked in property for 8 months and I really enjoyed it. I had a great team and loved the experience of working in central London but the food industry is certainly the direction I want to go in and I am incredibly excited to start with this company.

In your twenties it is pretty difficult to say for sure what you want to do with your life. There are just so many options that it becomes easy to over complicate things. I was convinced I would work in food but I absolutely loved property development too. I have now realised that property is more of an interest than a career for me, but it can be really hard to distinguish between what is just an interest and what you actually want your career to be. My advice is talk it out with those who know you best and trust your gut.

Deciding to change jobs in the middle of a pandemic may seem crazy, but why not now? If this pandemic has taught us anything it is that life is too short and time is too minimal to not take opportunities and put yourself out there. Once you start to open your mind and begin the process things will align and opportunities will come your way.

My advice is, if you feel you have outgrown your current situation then it is time to level up. If you feel you are meant for bigger things, then you are and it is time to level up. You never want to look back and wander what could have happened if you had made the changes you wanted to, you must endure the discomfort of change in order to reach your highest potential.

If you are worried about telling your boss or what your family and friends might think, remind yourself that thousands of people leave there jobs each day, the day you hand your notice in, thousands of other people are doing the same. You don’t have to make others understand, that is up to them, so make that change!

All quotes by me💁🏼‍♀️

Building self confidence

Hi guys,

I thought I would do a blog on building self-confidence. I have always been confident in my own skin but since moving to London the change has been dramatic and I want to share this with you.  

I have always been described at quietly confident by family and friends, I have always had confidence in my own skin and in who I am as a person, but confidence in speaking up, and in my ability hasn’t always been there. I am far from the loudest person in the room, but I think most of us know this doesn’t necessarily mean confidence.

Firstly, it is likely that more than half of the people you meet are not being completely themselves. Humans like to follow one another and adapt to their surroundings instead of standing out, but then they also admire and are often jealous of those who are able to be themselves. Let this be your sign to start being comfortable with who you are, because most of the time people admire you for it, and if they judge you, well like our mothers have always told us, they are just jealous.

I used to be worried about saying what I was thinking or trying to crack a joke which really revealed the introvert in me. Although I will always analyse and think through what I am going to say a lot more than an extrovert would, I have pushed myself to improve on this. For me this is all about practice, the more you say what’s on your mind and realise no one is judging, the more confident you will feel. If you say something and you do feel people are judging (often this is just in your head) this really is just a reflection on their inability to make someone else feel at ease and you must view it as their weakness, not yours.

This blog is a really good example of how being yourself and getting out of your comfort zone builds confidence in yourself. I had always wanted to write a blog and share my advice and insights but I was scared of being judged. I started it and, in all honesty, the first few I didn’t enjoy writing because it gave me a lot of anxiety, but since the start I have received so many lovely messages and it has really built my confidence and taught me its cool to me yourself.

You should be confident in you, and it takes practice, but just being you will always bring the best possible outcomes and lead to long term happiness.

All quotes by me x

The impact changing my mindset has had on my life

To me this blog post is essentially condensing everything I have learnt over the last year and a half which has led me to being in such a great mental space, and to me, being the best version of myself. I am always continuing to learn but I would love to help others achieve the same along the way.  

I started listening to self-care podcasts when I moved to London at the end of 2019. I stumbled across Mimi Bouchard’s podcast and really connected and related to what she was saying, I went on to follow her on Instagram too. Others I listened to were deliciously Ella and Boss Babe. I also followed a lot of self-care and female motivation pages such as Boss Babe Inc (which is my absolute favourite) and the female hustlers.

Then the lockdown came, and to me this first lockdown was almost exactly what I needed. I completely threw myself into mediation, journaling and exercising, I felt more motivated and productive than ever and really started to learn about myself. I kept a routine throughout the lockdown which kept me focused on my goals and each day I felt I had achieved something, providing me with a sense of fulfilment.

During this time Mimi Bouchard released an app called Mimi Method which is based on meditation (I will do a whole blog review on this). I now meditate morning and night and journal straight after my morning meditation and write how I am feeling that day, including affirmations and manifestations. If I am feeling negative, I write about how I am going to improve my mood as well as writing five things I am grateful for. Please believe me when I say getting up an hour earlier to fit this in is so worth it.   

Over this time, I’ve had the realisation that you need to be making decisions solely based on your own feelings. For example, I am not a big drinker, which in your early twenties can feel as if you are the odd one out (this isn’t true but it feels like it). I told myself, why should I do it just because everyone else is? Do what makes you feel good, not what everyone else is doing. This doesn’t mean cutting things out that you still enjoy, just be intuitive. To me being hungover means wasting my weekend, not feeling the best version of myself and leads to me feeling unsatisfied with life.

The main piece of advice I can give you is that you are 100% responsible for your life and your mindset. Once this thought is imbedded, any days you feel as if you’re falling off track or feel anxious and stressed, you remind yourself of this. Remind yourself that when you wake up, it is your choice how you want to start your day and in what mindset you will start. I can honestly say this way of thinking has changed my life.

All quotes created by me💁🏼‍♀️

Adjusting back to normality

When deciding to start my blog back up again, my best friend suggested writing about adjusting back to normal life, and this is actually something I think people are thinking a lot about but not necessarily openly discussing.

When I was in lockdown in Somerset all I could think about was getting back to London, planning nights out, dinner parties and just seeing everyone all of the time once we are out of lockdown, and I am sure we can all relate to that. Don’t get me wrong I am incredibly excited for this but something was underlying along with this excitement.

What will it be like, seeing all these people again, being in large groups, staying up late and constantly socialising, along with feeling the pressure that we MUST do it all days and hours of the week. Certainly not everyone will feel worried about adapting back to normal but from speaking to most people, there is uncertainty surrounding this.

I can’t see people staying up until all hours every single weekend and filling their days full of socialising. Although tedious, I think many of us have enjoyed certain aspects of lockdown; less hangovers, feeling healthier or fitter, not wearing makeup, finding new hobbies and just having time to ourselves, and I don’t think we are ready to give that up.

One thing we have all taken from this pandemic is the importance of looking after our mental wellbeing. I think this will lead to people being more selective about who they spend their time with and ensuring they have time to themselves. People now know exactly what does and doesn’t make them feel good and they are not willing to settle for anything less than being happy every day.

Although I won’t take living life for granted now and I am sure I will be out every weekend seeing friends and exploring London, I will put my mental wellbeing first and be unapologetic about that. I won’t be forcing myself into plans when I need time out.

It is okay to create your own new normal, people have changed their views and outlooks during this time and it’s fine to want different from the life you lived before all of this. Put your feelings first, give yourself time out and don’t commit yourself to too many plans, spontaneity is always more fun anyway.

Get out of your own way

Good morning,

I have been thinking a lot recently about the reasons behind why so many of us struggle to get to being exactly where we want to be. After listening to a podcast – I completely agreed with what was said – we all just need to get out of our own way.

The majority of the time the reason for us as individuals not taking part in something or not putting ourselves forward is all because we doubt ourselves or we are embarrassed, rarely is it because someone else has advised us against it. This does stem down to building up confidence but I also believe we give ourselves too much time to find reasons for us not doing it instead of doing it…..

Since reading into manifestation and doing a lot of meditation I find myself consciously spotting when I am thinking negatively or finding reasons to not take part in something. I catch it and can now completely turn it around and start listing reasons in my head as to exactly why I should and can (sometimes it even helps to physically write them down which I also do when I Journal).

When you look back at past decisions to not take part or not put yourself forward it most likely stems down to you, and this is you being completely in your own way. I 100% know it is easier said than done and it takes time to reach this point but I do think if you can put the work in to change your mind set then magical things can happen and you can finally get out of your own way!

Work and Normal life

Hey guys,

So I have been back in London a while and started a new job a few weeks ago and thought I would write about how I’m adjusting back to this life after COVID, as I’m sure many people can relate.

I found the first week of commuting very odd, wearing a mask firstly but also just being back in London around people again felt weird, I did feel pretty anxious to begin with but I feel like I’m adjusting – I am sure some agree there is something about commuting by yourself in London that can feel unnerving sometimes, not everyday but sometimes.

Although it has been pretty busy at work I have enjoyed every minute and it feels so right to be back working and have some structure in my life – I think having routine and stimulating your brain is really important for all of us, especially at a young age where we can give so much. Being in work has made me feel super excited for the future, I feel like I’ve manifested this situation and I believe we are all capable of doing so.

I think it’s important to put your career first at a young age, but this can make it hard fitting in other parts of life, such as exercising and evening unwinding. It’s important allow yourself some slack when you start off……but this doesn’t mean take your eye off the ball with your goals. As I’ve said before, self care is also about checking yourself, making sure you are reminding yourself of where you want to be, that way you WILL get there!!

Acknowledging your wins

Hi guys,

I was listening to a podcast this morning about not waiting to see results to acknowledge your wins and it really resonated with me. (

We often find ourselves waiting and waiting to reach our goals and get to certain places before we congratulate ourselves or reward ourselves and really this shouldn’t be the case. For example when I was looking for a job I didn’t acknowledge that I was winning the whole time, only at the end when I got the job did I celebrate. The whole way through the process I was spending hours and days applying for jobs. I should have been acknowledging that I was winning everyday by putting this level of effort into it.

Most people have big goals they want to reach and don’t always have steps to get there. I have started trying to create small steps in my mind to get to where I want to be. I think this way it gives us more opportunity to notice how well we are doing at life, everyday, and so we should.

I also think the majority of us are too modest/society has taught us not to “boast” – but YOU SHOULD BOAST TO YOURSELF!! Let yourself and your mind know you’re doing well and acknowledge each day what you have achieved and how you’re one step closer to where you want to be. This is a form of manifestation because you remind yourself that IT WILL HAPPEN!

Becoming a Morning Person

So I have always been a morning person, and I think this mostly works to my advantage, I truly believe it’s a good thing and I thought I would share some tips on how you can become a morning person and set yourself up for a good day ahead. The early morning is also the prettiest time of day, no one should miss it!!

Firstly you have to give yourself time to adjust to it, so try to set your alarm half an hour earlier and then keep getting earlier until that’s a good time for you (I get up at 7:45/8 at the moment, usually it would be earlier but with little to do at the moment this can be early enough for the time being). I think you want to give yourself a 5 hour window between getting up and lunch time, this gives you the time you need to be productive and fit in a morning routine.

That takes me onto this…MAKE A MORNING ROUTINE (for the weekdays). I have been doing exercise after waking up, coming back to meditate, having breakfast and watching the news, and then showering before getting ready. This takes about 2.5 hours and then I feel excited for my day. I would suggest trying to keep it roughly the same each day so you get used to it. I also think having a solid breakfast is important, I pretty much always have porridge banana and maple syrup, both slow release which gives me great energy.

Thirdly – before you go to bed write a list of what you have to do the next day and then do something to unwind that night and get an early sleep. I find writing lists just cements in my head what I need to do, automatically making me productive in the morning. Unwinding and going to bed early will always help you sleep better and wake up fresher. I try to sleep by 10:30 at the moment and always try to read before sleeping, I also use the relaxation essential oils roll on by Neal’s yard which I find very relaxing and good stress relief. I usually look at my mood boards before bed too so this manifests in my sleep ready for the next day.

I hope this helps – anyone can change their ways!!

Manifestation and Mood Boards

Like me you have probably been hearing a lot about manifestation over the past few months. I personally started exploring this after listening to Mimi Bouchard’s podcast back in September (she’s great at explaining it) and have more recently moved to creating mood boards.

Firstly manifestation for those who don’t know is all about attracting things into your life by changing the way you think to only attract positives. It is the law of attraction – the way you think and feel attracts the same experiences back to you (like attracts like) e.g. getting stressed about a situation is only going to end up in you feeling more stressed and in turn attracts more stressful situations into your life.

I now notice my negative thoughts wondering and notice stressful or agitated moods and consciously attempt to change them into positives or calm myself (it really works). The other day I was applying for jobs and got into a stressful headspace, instead of letting my thoughts wander I repeatedly told myself the situation will change and to enjoy my day – the rest of the day was positive there on.

I started mood boards more recently, on pinterest – not only is it fun and satisfying but it puts into perspective what I really want, my short term goals and my long term goals. I not only fill the boards with amazing images but with plenty of quotes, that I can revisit and A)remind me how far I’ve come and, B) remind me of where I’m going.

My advice would be to make monthly vision boards as well as yearly ones. Yearly ones are good to remind you of the overall picture but you really need small steps to reach the end goal as well as enjoyable things in between.

Life, Jobs and London

Hi everyone,

I haven’t written for weeks….I’ve found that there is literally nothing to write about that isn’t related to lockdown (and I’m sure everyone is just as bored of it as me).

I have been relaxing a lot and enjoying myself since finishing packing 2 weeks ago. I have sunbathed, beached, exercised, baked and watched lots of Selling sunset on Netflix which I am OBSESSED WITH, I highly recommend.

I am now planning to move back to London next week because the job market is slowly moving again and I am hoping to find a job. I have spent the majority of lockdown tirelessly looking for a job and it’s been hard to say the least, anyone in my position will tell you there’s been lots of stress and a lot of feeling demotivated BUT my motivation is back and I’m raring to go!

I am SO excited to get back to London and press play on my life again (literally what it feels like). I am craving a Wagamama deliveroo and lots of walks around the beautiful city, I have really missed my home there and my flatmate so I’m super excited.

If I can’t find work I have plans to volunteer or temp work for the time being and really get into a routine again. I’m going to cook some nice food, explore a lot and keep practicing self care (oh… and take advantage of wifi that actually works…!!).

I have spent the last week educating myself and signing petitions towards this social justice movement. Together we can eradicate it.
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